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what mainstream media and preachers said about it in the United States and Canada Re. William H. Poole, LL.D., was a minister of Detroit, Michigan ( some sources indicate Poole was of Toronto. Possibly he was born in Toronto and later moed to Detroit, Michigan) and authored the book "Anglo-Israel or the Saxon Race?: Proed to be the Lost Tribes of Israel (1889), which was presented first as a series of nine lectures. This book was published by William Briggs (Toronto) in 1879/1889, James Huggins Publishers and Distributors (New York) in 1880.

Re. Poole gae other lectures and wrote other books including:

Fifty Reasons Why the Anglo-Saxons are Israelites of the Lost Tribes of the House of Israel (Robert Banks & Sons, London)

The Gift of the Holy Ghost and How Obtained

The Great Pyramid of Jeezah in Egypt and How It Is Misrepresented

Heraldry: The Lion, the Eagle, and the Wolf

High License: A Failure Eerywhere

The History and Mystery of Puffing

History, The True Key to Prophecy: In Which the Saxon Race is Shown To Be the Lost Tribes of Israel (1880; George W. Greenwood, Brooklyn, New York)

Israel’s Possession as Promised in the Latter Days

The Nature, Causes, and Cures of Anger

Nuts to Crack or Answers to Twenty-Fie Objections to Anglo-Israelism

The Odd Man and His Oddities

The Pilgrim Fathers and the Puritans

Prohibition, and the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union Ripe Grapes or the Fruit of the Spirit

The Sabbath; Hebrew and Christian

The Second Coming of Christ as Taught by Premilleniums, Not taught in the Bible ( William Briggs, Toronto)

The Star of the Empire on Its Westward Way Since the Days of Abraham

The Tabernacle and Temple Where the Hebrews Worshipped

The Wines of the Bible

The Women of Israel Since Mrs. Abraham

Re. Poole, in his book Anglo-Israel or the Saxon Race offered the following profound thoughts:

There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all argument, and which cannot fail to keep a man in eerlasting ignorance. This principle is contempt prior to examination. –Dr. Paley

A greater than Paley has said: –He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is a folly and a shame unto him.

– Proerbs 18:13.

Errors like straws upon the surface flow, He who would search for pearls must die below.

[The reader should understand that like most early Christian Anglo-Israel belieers, Re. Poole belieed that the ‘jews’ were of the tribe of Judah. This was due to partial blindness still being upon them. They did not realize what ‘jews’ actually beliee, what the Talmud actually says, and what the ‘jews’ themseles hae to say in their own publications.]

Poole’s lectures and books were reiewed ery faorably by the mainstream media and Christians (including many ministers) from many different Christian denominations. Below are the media reiews and personal letters written (c. 1875-1889) to Re. Poole from Christians in Canada and the United States in regard to his lectures and book, Anglo-Israel or the Saxon Race (which were printed in the back of the 1889 edition of the book).

Re. W.H. Withrow, D.D., F.R.S.C. wrote in the Introduction in W. H. Poole’s Anglo-Israel or the Saxon Race, asserting:

The History of God’s chosen people Israel can neer be a subject of indifference to the Christian mind. The indebtedness of Christendom to this race can neer be computed or repaid...still more absorbing will be to many the identification with the dominant race of Christendom--that English speaking race that is filling the world with its renown and ciilization—of those Lost Tribes of Israel, whose mysterious fate has been the cause of so much speculation and learned research. Of the many books written upon this subject, we know of none which treat it more comprehensiely, more ably, more eloquently, than the present olume. Personally, we do not feel competent to discuss this ast and arious theme, nor to judge, without ampler study than we hae been able to gie, of the alidity of the arguments with which the fascinating theory of this book is sustained. But we can certainly commend the igor and iacity of style, the wealth of illustration, and the breadth of learning with which Dr. Poole maintains his thesis, whether one fully accepts it or not. No English speaking reader can fail to hae his patriotic pulses stirred with a grander pride than that of the great apostle of the Gentiles as he asserted his free-born Roman citizenship. For we are the subjects of an empire which dwarfs into insignificance that of Rome in its palmiest day—an empire upon which the seal of diine approal has been signally placed—an empire with which the highest destinies of ages are fraught—an empire into whose keeping God has committed the ‘gates’ of the earth.

Re. R. Arthur, a Presbyterian minister (White City, Kansas) wrote to Re. Poole,

I like your book eer so much. Please send me another copy.

Re. J.W. Beaumont, D.D. (St. Thomas) reported,

The Re. Dr. Poole’s work on Anglo-Israel is one of the deepest interest to the deout reader of the Holy Scriptures. His arguments on the special subject of the work are well sustained and afford abundant matter for possible reflection to the thoughtful mind.

R. Bell, Esq., a former Member of Parliament (Carlton Place, Ontario), wrote to Re. Poole,

I hae read with great interest your lecture on ‘Anglo-ISRAEL.’ I hae studied the subject for many years, and if there were any doubts on my mind, the array of facts you set forth has banished them. Indeed, I hae but little sympathy with either those who are indifferent, or those who take a pleasure in ‘objecting.’ If we are the descendants of ‘glorious old Abraham’ I wish to know it; and I glory in the fact, that we are the descendants of that nation and people, to whom so many blessings are promised. Your arguments are set out with such igor, and backed up with so many ‘infallible proofs,’ that it seems strange there should be any doubters. But the fact is, that ‘blindness’ has so completely saturated the minds of the people, that they do not wish to be enlightened. They are in the position of a man who would not look through the telescope, lest he should be coninced.

The Belleille Daily Ontario recorded,

The lecture by the Re. Mr. Poole, in the Bridge Street Church, last night on ‘Anglo-Israel,’ was one of the richest, raciest, and most instructie eer deliered to a Belleille audience, and the speaker succeeded in holding the unflagging attention of his hearers for the long period of two hours. The subject was an interesting one, and it was handled by a master-hand. History, sacred and profane, geography, and the natural westward drift of empire and colonization were beautifully interwoen, and made to illumine each other in a manner truly fascinating. Should Mr. Poole again isit us a lecturer, which we hope will be the case at no distant day, he will be greeted by a ery large audience. He is a fluent and highly interesting speaker.

His Lordship the Bishop of Toronto wrote,

I commend to the study of those interested in the deeply important question of the identification of the Lost Tribes, the excellent work of the Re. W. H. Poole, LL.D., ‘Anglo-Israel,’ as one of great research and ingenuity of argument, illustrated copiously from a wide range of historical facts–a work, indeed, that is well nigh exhaustie of the subject. The appearance of a second edition, so soon, of Dr. Poole’s book is an eidence of the interest that it has excited in the readers of Christian literature.

Re. J.M. Buckley, D.D., LL.D., Editor of the Christian Adocate (New York) wrote,

The olume is keenly interesting.

Re. A. Burns, D.D., LL.D., President of Hamilton Ladies College, reported,

This is a remarkable book on a subject little understood or studied. I must confess that I took up this work with strong prejudices against it. But haing begun to read, the difficulty was to stop. The book fairly bristles with points and surprises that will carry the student eagerly to the last page. It is an eminently suggestie work. It will make a reader think. It abounds with aluable quotations from eminent historians and scholars both ancient and modern, and almost eery page will astonish the reader with the mass of material that can be adduced in support of the theory. There is hardly a dry page in the book; its material is far from being common place or trite. The author has laid us under obligations to him for gathering together such an array of aluable and appropriate matter. Although arranged in the form of popular lectures, there is not a chapter that will not richly repay the student for a careful perusal.

Re. T.W. Campbell a Methodist minister (Canada) wrote to Re. Poole (in a letter dated Noember 20, 1879) declaring,

I am completely conerted by your ‘Anglo-Israel.’ It is clear and logical, it seems to me that it must carry coniction to the mind of eery careful reader.

The Canadian Adance (Toronto) reported,

It is a wonderful book.

The Church Life - an Episcopalian paper (Detroit, Michigan) reported,The lectures are full of interest and will hold the attention of the reader from first to last.

The Cobourg Sentinel in reiew recorded.Re. Mr. Poole’s lectures on ‘Anglo-Israel’ in connection with the JACKSON SOCIETY, on Thursday night last week, was one of the finest lectures to which it has eer been our lot to listen. Such research and arrangement of matter are seldom exhibited in a lecture, and the whole is spiced with occasional flashes of wit, calculated to keep the audience in the best humor. The subject was highly interesting, and well calculated to coney coniction of the reasonableness of the contention that the Saxon race are the lineal descendants of the Israelites, and that the word Saxon, is but a contraction of Isaac-son, and a fulfilling of the promise made to Abraham, ‘In Isaac shall thy seed be called.’

Re. Dr. L.P. Dais (Pontiac, Michigan) wrote,

I hae found much pleasure and profit in reading this book. It is written in a most entertaining and conincing manner.

Professor Day (Pontiac, Michigan) wrote,

I would not part with your book ‘Anglo-Israel’ for one hundred dollars, if I could not get another.

The Detroit Tribune recorded,

The prejudiced reader who starts to read the book stands in danger of being coninced in spite of himself.

Re. Dr. Dewart, editor of the Christian Guardian, wrote,

In this olume there is a learned and eloquent statement of the arguments in faor of the identity of the Anglo-Saxon race with the Lost Tribes of Israel. Dr. Poole has eidently gien much thought and research to the subject, and this series of nine lectures gies, we think, about as able presentation of it as can be found. Whether we agree with his conclusions or not, the manner in which they are wrought out is highly entertaining and instructie. The author’s quotations of fact and opinion in support of his theory show the ery wide extent of his reading in the literature concerning it. The theory which maintains that the lost tribes of Israel hae re-appeared in the proud eminence attained by the Anglo-Saxon race has many attractions for the religious as well as the political or literary student. We do not at present offer any opinion as to the truth of the theory; but we are bound to say that Dr. Poole’s book contains the best that can be said in support of it.

Re. H. Dockman (from a letter dated March 18, 1882); a minister of a Methodist Episcopal Church (Dodgeille, Wisconsin) wrote to Re. Poole,

I am, as far as I know, the only member of the West Wisconsin Conference who has read anything on the ‘Anglo-Israel theory, I confess that the more I read, the more I am pleased with it. It has shown me many beauties in the Bible which I neer saw before. It harmonizes the prophets and current history. I want to read more on the subject.

The Empire wrote,

The literature on the subject of the Anglo-Israel controersy receies an interesting and elaborate addition in Dr. Poole’s book. It is a collection of nine lectures, in which the arious phases of the question are fully dealt with. The author well outlines his own labors in a concluding chapter: ‘I hae, in the foregoing pages, noticed in brief...the union of Israel and Judah, and the conersion and salation of the Gentile nations through their instrumentality; the perpetuity and stabilty of Daid’s throne, and the great work which, ‘the battle axe of the Lord’ has to do in clearing the way for the gospel chariot; the fate that surely awaits the despotism, superstition and idolatry of the Gentile nations, as our Anglo-Saxon language, ciilization and Christianity roll on their conquering way.’

Dr. Poole coers the ground of the discussion so thoroughly that his work will be accepted with great pleasure by all Anglo-Israelites. The book is a large one, and handsomely bound.

Re. Dr. J.W. Mendenhall, Editor of the Methodist Reiew,

It is a point of no small importance that the author discoers the Israelite at the proper time moing westward and sharing in the conquest and ciilization of Europe. His influence is especially felt in Spain, and here appears in connection with the Danes, Germans, Belgians, and Saxons. The proof deried from ethnography, archaeology, philology, law and religion is incontestable.

The Hamilton Eening Times recorded,

Last eening, pursuant to announcement, the Re. W. H.

Poole deliered his lecture on ‘Anglo-Israel,’ at the Wesley Church. The audience was large and attentie. During the lecture he was frequently interrupted with applause, and at the close a ery hearty ote of thanks was passed to him for his intensely interesting lecture.

–and again, the Hamilton Times reported,

The Re. W.H. Poole, LL.D. of Toronto, deliered a ery learned and eloquent lecture on ‘Our Gates’ last night. The lecture was deliered under the auspices of the Y.M.C.A., the text being, ‘Thy seed shall possess the gates of His enemies.’ Mr, Poole contended that the British nation was the chosen of God and the legitimate and true descendants of the Israelites, and went into a learned and exhaustie research of history to proe his position correct; and then contended that the possession by Great Britain of the fortresses of Gibraltar, Heligoland, Malta, Cyprus, Port Say-yud, Aden, Perim, Babel-mandeb, Socotra, Bombay, Peshawur, Singapore, and thirty others, afforded proof positie, not only of the truthfulness of his position, but also of the fact that the Anglo-Saxon race would continue to adance in power and in influence, and that such adancement and the sanction of God, and would redound to the benefit of mankind. The reerend gentlemen’s references to the different points of interest in the history of the East Indian Empire were extremely instructie, and such only as could be gien by one who had studied the subject thoroughly, as well as haing acquired a personal knowledge of the cities and localities described. His pictures of Calcutta, Singapore, Madras, and others East Indian cities, were most perfect specimens of work painting, and in listening to him one could bring the pictures before the mind’s eye without much difficulty. The lecturer was most positie that no power which might attempt to curtail or destroy British supremacy in India could or would succeed. He was frequently interrupted during the deliery of the lecture with applause.

The Hamilton Spectator (Toronto?) In reiew recorded,

The lecture throughout was of a highly interesting character, and was attentiely listened to, the speaker being frequently rewarded with hearty applause. The question takes hold of eery Anglo-Saxon, and a person feels the intense interest in it while the lecturer is giing proof upon proof, showing that the lost tribes of Israel now inhabit the British Isles, and the colonies peopled by her sons and daughters. We hae neer listened to a lecture with more interest, and we hope that during the winter Mr. Poole may be induced to lecture again upon the same subject, when, we beliee, a crowded house would greet him.

–and again,

An appreciatie audience greeted Mr. Poole at the Gore Street P.M. Church last night. The lecture on ‘Our Gates’ was gien under the auspices of the Y.M.C.A., and was ery interesting. The reerend gentleman’s lecture was similar to one deliered by him on a former occasion, holding that the Saxon race were the true descendants of the Israelites. His arguments were well thought out, well deliered, and his lecture as a whole betrayed an amount of research that was surprising. The fact that Gibraltar and other places are possessed by the British can be adduced as proof positie of the stability of his position. The great adance the Anglo-Saxon race were eer making proed that the sanction of God was with them. From first to last the lecture was most instructie, and has eidently been elaborately prepared by the talented clergyman. His description of arious Oriental cities was magnificent, and has seldom been equaled in our experience. We ery much regret our inability to publish a more extended notice, but want of space forbids it.

Re. A. J. Hartley a Presbyterian minister, (Ontario, Canada) wrote to Re. Poole,

Dear Sir, I thank you for your splendid work. You hae thrown a flood of light on so many obscure prophecies of Holy Writ. I fully endorse your arguments and conclusions.

Re. M.C. Hawks reported,

A learned, dignified, and thrillingly interesting olume. It dries you into corners from which there is no escape, but through the acceptance of the author’s position, you feel coninced that the central idea is well sustained.

Re. W. J. Hunter, D.D., pastor of Carlton Street Methodist Church (Toronto) reported,

I am glad to know that the Re. W.H. Poole LL.D. is getting out another edition of his great work on Anglo-Israel. Dr. Poole is a trenchant writer, and this olume manifests igorous thought and immense research.

J.R. Johnston, Principal of Carlton Place High School (Carlton Place, Ontario), wrote,

‘Anglo-Israel,’ by the Re. Dr. Poole, is one of the most aluable contributions to the literature of the nineteenth century. The author’s style is most beautiful and dignified. The amount of proof which he has been enabled to bring forward in support of his theory is really wonderful. Any person who carefully reads this book will, I beliee, be thoroughly coninced that the ancestors of the Anglo-Saxon race are none other than the ten lost tribes. Eery Bible student ought to procure a copy, and no Christian home should be without one.

The London Fress Press reported,

The hall was filled to repletion. It was one of the most instructie and entertaining lectures eer deliered in City Hall.

The London Herald reported,

The lecture was one of the most instructie and interesting that has been deliered in this city for many a day.

The Montreal Daily Star reported,

The first of a course of two lectures on ‘Anglo-Israel,’ was deliered last eening by the Re. W.H. Poole, of Toronto, in the St. James’ Street Methodist Church. In spite of the abominable condition of our streets and the heay rain, there was a large attendance of ladies and gentlemen; the congregation proper being well represented. The lecture occupied nearly two hours in deliery, and was listened to throughout with great attention.

–and again,

In this report of the lecture we hae not attempted a reprint. Page after page would be required to do it. Eery position was sustained by Bible reference, and the lecture showed the deepest research and profoundest thought. It occupied two hours of ery rapid deliery, and was listened to with breathless attention.

Re. Dr. Potts, editor of Michigan Christian Adocate, reported,

This splendidly printed olume of 685 octao pages is a monument to the industry and research of the distinguished author. The theme itself is one of growing interest, and the treatment of it here is ingenious and thorough. The archaeological arguments, interspersed with the Scripture citations and proofs, are of much alue both to the student and to the general reader. We hae pored oer the pages of the book with more than ordinary pleasure, and we beliee the author makes out his case.

N.W. Powell, M.D., a Cobourg (Canada) physician (in a letter dated January 27, 1879) wrote, Dear Sir, –I had to leae early last eening and had no

opportunity to thank you personally for one of the most delightful lectures I eer listened to. I heard eery word of it, and came away that your Anglo-Israel’ is on the right trail. It was most interesting and instructie. I do not know how anyone can question your interpretation of the numerous passages of Scripture quoted. I thank you sincerely for directing my thoughts into such an interesting subject of study. I am now interested to hear your lecture on the ‘Gates,’ and I hope an opportunity of doing do will soon turn up. I was so much pleased that I could not resist sitting down and expressing the ery great pleasure it gae me. Once more I thank you for such a rich intellectual treat.

Re. Alexander Sanson, The Rector of Trinity Church wrote,

It is now some time since I perused Re. Dr. Poole’s ‘Anglo-Israel.’ I was much impressed with the fullness and extent of the work, as well as with the interest which the author imparts to his olume by a clear and igorous style, which renders his book entertaining and readable, no less than instructie.

The Saturday Night reported,

I hae always thought there was a good deal of humbug in the theory that some preachers are so fond of adancing, by which a connection is shown between the Saxon race and the lost tribes of Israel. This prejudice, has to a great extent been remoed by reading a number of the lectures of Re. W. H. Poole, LL.D. The style is pleasing and lucid, the arguments instead of being far-fetched, as I imagined they would hae been, seem to bear out the conclusions he is eidently seeking. The ideas are so ingenious, if not conclusie, that it makes ‘Anglo-Israel’ an extremely interesting book to read, and one that must afford pleasure and profit to all those who take an interest in Bible study.

Re. R.T. Sain, Pastor of Central Methodist Eangelical Church (Detroit, Michigan); he wrote,

The work is unique, able, scholarly, and exceedingly impressie.

D.J. Smith, a local preacher (Detroit, Michigan) wrote,

Re. W.H. Poole, LL.D., Dear Bro.,–Allow me to express to you the great gratification I feel at the information lately receied that you are about to publish the results of your many years’ study and research on the subject of Anglo-Israel. I am well aware of the many years of toil and study you hae gien to this subject, a work which you could not hae done had it not been a labor of loe and a work inspired, prompted, and helped by the Holy Spirit, and in direct accord with the Word of God.

I ery often thank God for sending you across the pathway of my life, and for the fact that you were kind enough to help me on those (then to me) hidden lines of light and glory, making my Bible a new book, and helping me immeasurably in my studies of the sacred book.

When our people come into a full realization of the worth of this book, and the truth it reeals, it will be like a flood of light from on high, for I consider that in alue it stands in close proximity to that of the gift of the Bible itself, for it is in the direct line of an explanation and corroboration of the reealed truth; and without it, there cannot be a correct and, and consequently, an intelligent understanding or a proper interpretation of the sacred books; but with it, the difficulties of prophecy and of many historical allusions anish like dew in the sunshine.

I am aware that many men, in other things wise men, hae said these things were not, could not be, true; but I hae thus far in eery case found that , like myself (before I had gien the matter the thought it demands) they had spoken ill-adisedly with their lips. And I find, too, that in eery case when men of intelligence and candor upon their minds and hearts to the truth, and obtain a clear conception of its alue and of the beauty of the Diine plan, they must and do acknowledge themseles coninced; een though, as one good brother said to me,

"If I teach this thing I will be obliged to rearrange most of my sermons."

All hail the glad day when the Christian world, enlightened and coninced by the truth, shall arise and gie light that shall lighten the Gentiles, and fill the world with the knowledge and the glory of God, and whom God hath exalted chief among the nations, is the seed that the Lord hath blessed.

Accept my thanks my dear brother, for the work you hae done and are doing in this line. I beliee that when these truths are fully known and accepted, that infidelity, with its last proof swept away, will slink away before the light and hide its deformity foreer, and the millennial glory will speedily spread its joy and gladness oer all the earth, to the glory of our God and His Christ.

Affectionately and fraternally yours, in the hope of Israel.

The Re. Dr. Alexander Sutherland, Missionary Secretary (Canada) wrote,

‘Anglo-Israel,’ by Dr. Poole, is a book that will well repay a careful reading. Eery argument bearing upon this fascinating subject is clearly and forcibly presented, with a carefulness of research and a wealth of illustration that make it a standard book. People who are disposed to sneer at the theory would do well to read this olume.

The Wesleyan (Halifax, Noa Scotia) reported,

This olume on ‘Anglo-Israel’ is exhaustie in research, strong in argument, scholarly in style, and rich in illustratie, historic fact. The author has logic and learning on his side.

Dr. William H. Poole was a descendent of a ery prominent family which had many military leaders, authors and theologians. He was born on April 3, 1820 in the County of Kilkenny, Ireland. At the age of sixteen years old, he started teaching school. He continued his teaching position while furthering his education at ictoria College. In 1846, he entered Christian ministry with the Wesleyan Methodist Church. In about 1852 Dr. Poole moed to Ontario, Canada where he continued his education and ministry. Dr. Poole receied his LL.D degree in 1879 after extensie study in the subjects of Philology and Ethnology. In 1879, he accepted the pastorate of the Simpson Methodist Episcopal Church in Detroit.

Dr. Poole died on August 7, 1896 at the age of 76 years old.

Re. J.H. Allen

Bishop John Harden Allen, was the pastor of the Wesleyan Methodist Church (California) and was a popular speaker. He authored:

Fact and Fiction Concerning Israel and Judah

Judah’s Scepter and Joseph’s Birthright (1902)

The National Number and Heraldry of the United States of America (1919)

The National Rebirth of Judah (1920)

In reiew of Allen’s book, Judah’s Scepter and Joseph’s Birthright, the Baptist Messenger reported (sometime between 1902 and 1917),

This is one of the most interesting olumes we hae read in many a day...and we confess...the arguments produced by Mr. Allen seem to be unanswerable. It is more thrilling than Western fiction. The description of the scarlet thread, the royal remnant, and the part played by Jeremiah in the preseration of the ruler of Daid’s throne will cause you to lose sleep rather than go to bed without knowing the outcome.
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