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The war in the East was checked by the great powers of Europe; who would not allow it to go further because Europe must have been drawn into the war, and it had to be stopped. " I AM A FIRM BELIEVER"

By Dr. John Alexander Dowie

(The date following each of Dr. Dowie’s direct statements below indicates the issue in which they were published in the Leaves of Healing magazine.)

The war in the East was checked by the great powers of Europe; who would not allow it to go further because Europe must have been drawn into the war, and it had to be stopped. That could only last a short time. But meanwhile, such an opportunity is given to the Church of God to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the times of this profound peace; when the nations can listen to the voice of God; I tell you such an opportunity is given as this earth, until its last battle has been fought will never again see. It seems to me we have everything in our favor in preaching the Gospel of the King. Let me show you what we have in our favor. We have the British Empire, with the flag of the ‘Cross’ floating over nearly 400,000,000 of this earth’s inhabitants. We have the ‘Stars and Stripes’ of the same people, of the Anglo-Saxon race, floating over 70,000,000. We have defended and protected people to the number of 30 or 50 millions, protected by the great nations, Britain and America; and the Anglo-Saxon people have therefore directly and indirectly over 500 million of earth’s people beneath their flags. More than one third of the whole population of the world, and by far more than one third of its intelligence and power. For practically the money and the manliness and the strength and the religion and the power with God that is given on this earth is within, with a few exceptions, the Anglo-Saxon nations. I want to say this; that I am an Anglo-Israelite. The blood of the Hebrews is in my veins. My fathers in the Roman age were Hebrews. They came from the ancient Israelites; and before the Romans settled in Scotland, our family gathered under the mountain of Ben Macdhui; which is my name in Scotch. Not Dowie, but Dhui. And to this day our language under that mountain is Hebraistic. Our customs are Hebraistic. Our spirit is the spirit of Israel. And ye my brethren who belong to the Anglo-Saxon nation, or who are engrafted into them through other nations, let me tell you that you are the Israel of God; and the Kingdom of God must first be established through Isaac’s sons. And that is the Anglo-Saxon race of this day. The seed is becoming manifest in Isaac’s son. ‘In Isaac shall thy seed be called.’ And in Isaac God is calling His people. (September 27, 1895)

Now 3,380 years ago, nearly 3400 years ago, God wrought the mighty deeds which today we have read about. And today God has got to work them again. Not exactly the same way; but with the same essential circumstances. In manner different; but in power the same. It seems to me today that the children of Israel are in bondage; and very largely, of a diabolic power. There has been in my mind for a long time this conviction, that is the children of Israel - now you know my views concerning that-

I believe the Anglo-Saxon race to be Isaac’s sons. I believe that the British and American people form one great Israel; not Judah. That they are the descendants of the ten tribes of Israel. That you can trace the migration of Dan that took to the sea in ships, from the Danube to Dan’s mark,

(Denmark) and therefore the whole great British nation; that, if we were not the natural descendants of Abraham according to the flesh, we have all the rights, all the claims, all the privileges, because ‘if we are Christ’s,’ then we are Abraham’s seed and heirs, according to the promise. Hence I speak to Israel; and I say, ‘Hear, O Israel. Jehovah thy God, the one God that in the days of Moses led thee out of Egypt, and through the howling wilderness into the land of plenty, gave thee liberty, and has taken thee out of slavery; given thee healing when thou wert sick, established the covenant of God, and given thee the great rich land. Hear, O Israel, the Lord thy God is still thy deliverer.’

Where the Church and the people of God are today, I believe that we can see that the Church of God, the Israel spiritually, is within Israel nationally, for they are not all Israel that are of Israel. There is the Israelite in whom there is no guile. Whose heart is cleansed by faith in Christ. They are the Nathaniels. There are the Israelites according to the flesh. I want you to distinguish between the two. I speak now concerning the spiritual Israel. I want to say to you today, as good Israelites, that I am glad with all my heart to see the Israel of God everything longing to escape, and are fast escaping from the Egyptian bondage of a false ecclesiasticism.  (October 11, 1895)

I love the Jews. I have some reason to believe that I am myself of Israelitish descent. A series of articles upon ancient Israelitish families in Great Britain was written some time ago in the London Leisure Hour, a paper that has a circulation of several hundred thousand every week and published by the Religious Tract Society, by a gentleman bearing my name, Dowie, and it agreed with my own researches and convictions that our family was Israelitish. He went so far, indeed, as to say that the family were descendants of Jehoram, King of Israel, but that is farther than I would be inclined to go; and besides, Jehoram was a rascal, and I hope we are of more honest stock in Israel. But all lines lead back to Abraham, the Father of the Faithful, however, degenerate or good his descendants might be, and to whom God said, "In thee and in thy seed shall all nations of the earth be blessed." I rejoice in the thought that I belong to the Race in whom God blesses the world. Therefore, I greatly love Israel. Consequently I love the Jew, who is an Israelite. The Jews are composed principally of the two tribes, Levi and Judah, and probably part of Benjamin, but Israel was the name given to the ten tribes who broke away from Judah; but the word Israel also covers the whole twelve tribes. The ten tribes no doubt are scattered among the Anglo-Saxon nations, and the Saxon is Isaac’s Son. I believe with all my heart in the identity of the Anglo-Saxon with Israel fulfilling the prophecy, "In Isaac shall thy seed be called." (March 6, 1896)

"Israel is a scattered sheep; lions have driven him away; first the king of Assyria hath devoured him, and last this Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon hath broken his bones."

You see you have got to hunt for this Israel that has been dispersed. You have got to look for the tribe of Dan. You have got to look after the ships of Dan of which the Scripture speaks, and go down the Mediterranean with these ships, and go down to Danube, which is Dan’s River, and go right through the whole of Europe and you will find Dan’s name on every place they went. They called every place, as the Scripture says, by the name of their father Dan until they came to Dan’s-Mark; then they did not go any further, that is Denmark, and they crossed over to England and fought, and got a great big footing there, and the Danites were everywhere, the Dons, and the Danes, and the Dans all over Great Britain and Ireland, and driven back at last into the mountains, there they have held their language unto this day; for you have got the descendants of Israel in a very pure condition, in the Highlands of Scotland and in some parts of Wales and Ireland.

The Celtic languages are full of Hebrew, and with customs that are Hebraistic. You have got to search for this Israel, and you see it was to be driven away.

"Therefore thus saith Jehovah of Hosts, the God Israel; behold I will punish the king of Babylon and his land, as I have punished the king of Assyria. And I will bring Israel again to his habitation, and he shall feed on Carmel."

Now that has not been done. They were not brought back again in the time of Christ. They have never been brought back again since, but they are getting near there now. Israel is in Egypt, and holding it with a firm grasp. The Lion of Judah is sitting on the throne of Britain, and it is only a step to Palestine, and only a few days when the Crescent will fall before the cross, and instead of the Mohammedan flag from the hill of Zion, the cross of Jesus will float. (August 7, 1896)

Shiloh Tabernacle in Zion City, Illinois, which accommodated over 8000 people.
Therefore Thy gates shall be open continually;
they shall not be shut day or night."

The gates of British and American nations are open all the time in different lands. In heathen lands and Mohammedan countries they shut their gates at night, and they are afraid. They guard them closely, but in Anglo-Saxon lands the walls of our cities are brave men’s hearts. There are no other walls; we do not build up walls, and the gates of our ports are open day and night continually, but you go to godless lands and you will find all kinds of restrictions. You cannot enter a port in darkness; you cannot go into it without going through all kinds of difficulties, but everything is done under this and under our own flag to facilitate the going in and out day and night continually. The gates at New York and San Francisco; the Golden Gate at San Francisco and the Great Eastern Gate at New York, are open wide. It is so with the gates of all our cities and all our ports throughout the world, they are open day and night continually, but the difference is very marked when you go into the lands that are not belonging to God’s Israel, as I consider the English and American people to be.

" That men may bring unto thee the forces ..."

The Word 'Forces' in the margin you will find is translated "wealth;" the wealth of the Gentiles; that is, of the Nations.

"And that their kings may be brought. For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee will perish; yea , those nations shall be utterly wasted."

Now, that is just the position. The nation and the kingdom that will not serve God and God’s people shall perish. The nation that will not fall into line with God’s Israel is going to perish. The day is coming; it will not be long until it is seen that every nation has got to fall in line with God’s Israel in these latter days. Israel is a Nation as well as a Church. It is God’s great people as a National Israel.

"In Isaac shall thy seed be called"

Isaac’s sons, Saxons, are God’s national children. (August 21, 1896)

I thought there was nothing on earth more inspiring when I returned to Scotland, after a long absence, and I heard in one of the great churches in my native city, Edinburgh, the people sing that Old Hundred, as we call it, to the grand old swinging march that they have for it in Scotland - there is not a child that does not know it; there is not a man or woman that does not know it. That great hymn of praise: "All People That On Earth Do Dwell."

That metrical version in the old Scotch translation is very much better than the prose version that we read, and it has this advantage too; It was very directly taken from the Hebrew. As some of you know, there is a great deal of Hebrew in the Gaelic tongue, and the Scotch people have a great deal of Hebrew in their makeup, and in their tongue too, the Highlanders especially, and it entered into the translation in a poetic form, which is much better. (October 2, 1896)

Rich as the Jewish people were, the Anglo-Saxon race today controls the gold of the world. Ninety-three percent, of the commerce of the world passing through the Suez Canal is under the British flag. Under that flag today there are four hundred and fifty, perhaps five hundred, millions of people, and under the flag of the United States, the sister nation, there are say seventy millions; there are therefore five hundred and twenty millions and with protected people, nearly six hundred millions of people today are denominated by the Anglo-Saxon race.

Therefore God’s Israel, which I hold the Anglo-Saxon race to be, is today the richest and most powerful, and most educated and most blessed of all the families of the earth. (October 9, 1896)

Now, she is a Canaanite; she belongs to the accursed race, and almost in despair, she looks at His retreating figure. Oh, how hard it is! How hard the answer is! "I am not sent but to the lost sheep of the House of Israel." She does not belong to Israel at all. She has not learned the truth that the world has not learned yet; that God must first bless His Israel, and that through Israel every nation is to be blessed; and that every man in his nation, no matter of what tongue or color, or clime, in coming to Christ, must come through Jesus, the Messiah of Israel, the son of Abraham.

He must be spiritually regenerated, and divinely ingrafted into the stock of God’s Israel. You cannot be saved outside of Israel, and I hold today that the descendent of God’s Israel is not the Jew alone, they are only two tribes, but the Anglo-Saxon race, Isaac’s sons, the ten tribes of the Israel of God who rule in the islands and on this great continent, and whose two flags cover 550,000,000 out of the 1,400,000,000 on the earth; they are God’s national Israel, and God’s spiritual Israel is His Church. (November 27, 1896)

I want you to notice that this expression that I used today for my text, "He that toucheth you toucheth the apple of His eye" is spoken concerning God’s Zion.  Which is now spread abroad throughout the earth by the distribution of Israel from the North, by the distribution of the Anglo-Saxon race, Isaac’s sons, throughout the earth in accordance with his prophecy, "Ho, ho, come forth, and flee from the land of the north, saith the Lord; for I have spread you abroad as the four winds of the heaven, saith the Lord." (January 22, 1897)

Friends, I am thankful that if the contest is to come, it shall come quickly. I am thankful that if it has to come it finds Great Britain today, at the head of God’s Israel, in the possession of the Imperial Power that God has given to the race of which the United States of America are a part - Anglo-Saxon. (April 17, 1897)

The devil is always trying to destroy the Israelitish race, and I belong to Israel. I do not mind telling you that I believe the blood in my veins is directly Israelitish. I believe that most of you here are Israelitish; that the Saxons are Isaac’s sons. That the Danes are Danites of the tribe of Dan, and that we, although not Jews, are Israelitish by race as well as Israelitish by religion; for, "If ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise." (May 29, 1897)

Concerning Queen Victoria, Dr. Dowie said the following: (editor)

On June 28, 1837, a girl who had been born on May 24, 1819, and who had therefore, just passed out of her eighteenth year, was suddenly called upon to succeed a line of kings that stretches away back into the historic past, some of us think to the throne of ancient Israel, and under a royal banner which has waved for a thousand years and more, and which today after sixty years of reign is the most unsullied banner that waves over man on any part of this earth. (July 10, 1897)

I personally am not a monarchist, and when Her Majesty had reigned fifty years, I was the only minister in Melbourne who preached against monarchy, while I preached thanking God for the Queen. I preached from the text on that occasion, God said, "I gave thee a king in my anger, and took him away in my wrath." I believe it. I believe what God said to Samuel is true. "They have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me that I should not rule over them." And I believe at the same time that God hath made a covenant with the British people and with the British race. Are we not Israel? Do not Paul’s words apply? "Who are Israelites; to whom pertaineth the adoption, and the glory, and the covenants, and the giving of the law, and the service of God, and the promises; whose are the fathers, and of whom as concerning the flesh, Christ came, who is over all, God blessed forever. Amen."

Who are we, if we are not Israel? Whence came we, this imperial Anglo-Saxon race? The Saxons are Isaac’s sons. I-sax-sons. The Danes are of the tribe of Dan which landed at the Danube, and went through Europe and through Denmark, and passed no further they stopped and called their land Dan-mark. Our native islands are where Donald Morrison comes from, and he who is talking to you today comes from, because if I were in the Highland they would call me Ian Dhui.

I am of the clan from which Ben MacDhui takes its name, the second highest mountain in Scotland, not Dowie, Dhui, as every Gaelic scholarly Scotchman knows. It was at that Ben where the last of the Israelitish kings found a refuge, as tradition says.

Perhaps it is so. Perhaps it is not, but whether it was Jehoram, the last king of Israel, that gathered his family under Ben MacDhui or not, this I do know, that my fathers speak Hebrew in our Gaelic today and the customs and practices and forms of our Highland men are Israelitish, and that today it is an Israelitish descendent who sits upon the throne of her father David, King of Israel. I believe it.

Many of you, perhaps, have not sufficiently studied the Anglo-Israelitish theory, as it is called, to be able to follow me very closely, but let me tell you this: those who have studied have no doubt at all about the matter that we today are God’s Israel, and that the latter day promises are fulfilled, that in the Isles He would reign, and that from the Isles His law would proceed. "Harken unto me, my people, and give ear unto me, oh my nation; for a law shall proceed from me, and will make my judgment to rest for a light of the people. My righteousness is near; my salvation is gone forth, and mine arms shall judge the people: The Isles shall wait upon Me, and on mine arm shall they trust."

And from that little group of islands on the shores of Europe, today there proceeds the law and the Gospel of the Everlasting God, and for good or ill the mightiest empire the world has seen is beneath the British flag today.  (July 10, 1897)

I tell you these nations are going down into the pit of hell that they have dug for themselves; and if they fight Great Britain and America, their doom will be swift. I tell you why; because Great Britain and America today are the Anglo-Saxons. They are Isaac’s sons, and God has said; "In Isaac shall thy seed be called."

And today we stand here with the consciousness that the blood of the Israelite flows in our veins. (July 30, 1898)

Only the Scandinavian and the Saxon and the Anglo-Saxon people are advancing. The Danes are of the tribe of Dan, and Denmark was the limit to which the tribe of Dan went. Dan took to the sea in ships, landed at the Danube River, and everywhere they went, they called the place by the name of their father Dan.

They crossed to England, Scotland, and Ireland, and there the Danites are to be found everywhere. Israel in many of its scattered tribes found a home in the British Islands, and in the Anglo-Saxon countries which now exist.

The British and the American are one, God-appointed people. May God hasten the day when the two nations shall realize that they are one, God-appointed people. (August 13, 1898)

The platform and the choir loft of Central Zion Tabernacle in Chicago . The crutches, canes, braces and cots on the wall were from people who were healed.

My contention is that the time will come when in the Church of God the foolish and the wise shall be separated; when the wedding feast shall be spread and the supper of the Lamb, and of the Lamb’s wife, the Church of God, shall be held upon Mt. Zion; when the foolish shall be shut out, and the wise shall be brought in. The parable represents Israel apart from Judah. It is the ten virgins, not the twelve. It is something that occurs before the final ingathering of the Jews. All Jews are Israelites; but all Israelites are not Jews. All Israel includes Judah, but Israel is known as the ten as well as the twelve tribes. We are of the ten. The dominant blood in the Anglo-Saxon race today is the Israelitish blood.

I believe with all my heart in the Israelitish origin of the Anglo-Saxon race, because of the promise of God. Hence it is that I hail with intense delight the understanding that is swiftly being arrived at between the Australian, the American, the African and the Asiatic Anglo-Saxon. The great headquarters of the race are in Great Britain, and its magnificent outgrowth in America.

Admiral Dewey sounds the true note when he says that the understanding of the Anglo-Saxon race is essentially for the dominance of law and order, and I dare say he means, for the extension of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God on earth; for no law and no order can exist where the Gospel is not supreme. (September 16, 1899)

That meant that every tribe of the ten, for Judah was not in this thing at all. It was the ten tribes - our fathers as I believe, according to the flesh: for we are Israelites.

Israel today is to be found in the Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian races. It is that Israel which God has promised to bless, to call by a new name.  (May 19, 1900)

I believe that the Anglo-Saxon people are the Israel of God; that nationally we are Israelites. We are not Jews, for Judah consisted simply of two tribes but there were other ten tribes which composed the Kingdom of Israel when the Kingdom was divided into Israel and Judah. All Israelites are not Jews; but all Jews in the broad racial sense are Hebrews and Israelites. It was only after the death of Solomon, through the folly of his son Rehoboam, that the ten tribes separated from Judah, and became known as the kingdom of Israel. (July 7, 1900)

The Stars and Stripes, the Union Jack and Zion’s Flag, borne before Zion’s Guard, were symbolic of the Israelitish origin of the Anglo-Saxon race and their going forth, with Zion, to the preparation for the coming of God’s Kingdom. (July 21, 1900)

The Elijah Hospice Building in Zion City, Illinois, built in 1902 with electric lights, hot and cold water and other modern conveniences. This building could accommodate 1,000 guests at one meal.
There is a Fountain of Eternal Life which springs up in this land. The same is true in the British Empire and true of the Anglo-Saxon people. It seems sometimes that it is in the Anglo-Saxon people only that this salt of high spiritual and moral principle is to be found. God has sent faith to his people that they may be like salt; that they may preserve all that is best, all that is Divine in connection with family and city and national and world life. (October 20,1900)

God still blesses the world only through Israel. God confines His workings among the nations to His Israel still. You will notice that the nations which are not Israelitish are in darkness.

We are Israelites. I know it. If I could not prove it any other way, I have the feeling in my very flesh and blood and bones that I belong to the Israelitish race. My own sympathy is with all the Covenants and promises of God which are made in Christ Jesus to the glory of God the father. (December 15, 1900)

Ephraim stands, in my opinion, for that portion of Israel which is found in these United States, and upon this American continent. I will not enter upon that at great length. I am a firm believer, and have been for thirty years, in the Israelitish origin of the Anglo-Saxon race. There was no part of my recent journey which I viewed with more interest than my visit to Iona and Staffa. I am studying concerning what I then saw. I am intensely interested in the whole story of St. Columba. Columba means a dove. Columba was the first preacher of the Gospel in the Eighth Century to Scotland. He came from Ireland.

I was led to make a number of examinations and to follow up some clues by reading of ancient history, and I am not through yet. Everything I read and see and experience confirms me in the conviction that the Anglo-Saxon race is the lineal descendant of the Ten Tribes of Israel who were scattered abroad. That in this land it is the dominant race, is of course without question. (February 9, 1901)

I gladly record my profound conviction that every prophecy which God said would be fulfilled in the National Israel is being fulfilled in the Anglo-Saxon race today. (September 28, 1901)

Now these Israelites are essentially Danites everywhere they go, it is just as Sir Walter Scott put it; his motto was the prevailing practice of the Highland Clan, and by the way the Highlanders of Scotland are clearly Hebrews. The Gaelic language is full of Hebrew. John Stuart Blackie, who founded the Gaelic chair in my own native city University, where I also studied declared that his conviction was that Gaelic was essentially Hebrew. All good Hebraists, I think without exception, find the same conditions to exist. (December 14, 1901)

I love you, my brothers and my sisters. I believe I have the same blood in my veins that you have. I am not a Jew, but I am an Israelite, and I say to you this, brothers; the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob, the God who led our fathers through the weary wilderness, is a God of Purity and Love. (January 11, 1902)

Our Lord Jesus Christ came to establish a kingdom. The Gospel of the Kingdom of God is the Gospel that He preached. In every parable, in every simile in which He put his Gospel before His disciples in the world, He used that expression, the "Kingdom of the Heavens," or "The Kingdom of God" is like unto this or that. The Kingdom of God is the whole aim and purpose of God’s Great Gift to humanity. (April 19, 1902)

I hold to the Israelitish origin of the Anglo-Saxon race.
(June 28, 1902)

Look, ye saints, the site is glorious;
See the ‘man of sorrows’ now;
From the fight returned victorious
Every knee to Him shall bow.
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