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Doctrinal Heresy: The Religion of "Christian" Humanism E-mail
Spider spinning a new web
Spider spinning a new web

An Analysis of the Means of Christianity's Rejection of Monotheism.

In one’s honest search for answers to the many perplexing problems that face the people of our nation today, it is easy to see only the outward symptoms and to miss the root cause. The voice of the so-called experts can be heard on every street corner describing our problems and outlining what they believe to be their solution. The politician from the halls of the State House, the political hopefuls from the campaign trails, the educator from his academic chair, the social reformer from his podium, the economist from his desk and the preacher from his pulpit; all freely offer their would-be remedies to our social, political, economic and spiritual dilemmas. In spite of all this ‘wisdom’, our national problems persist and even grow worse. It is as though, in our folly, we continually search for answers on how to get rid of the spider web without dealing with the spider which repeatedly spins a new web.

In order to find the real answer to all our problems, it is imperative that we recognize and accept the supreme authority of the Almighty and the immutability of His law, which He established. Our arrogant rejection and blatant disobedience of the Law-Word of God, which he gave to the Israelites in 1453 BC after their exodus from Egypt, is our basic sin, resulting in severe consequences.

Monotheism = The doctrine or belief that there is only one God.

--- Webster's Dictionary

To whom then will you liken me, or shall I be equal? Saith the Holy One.
I am the first, and I am the last; and beside me there is no God.
Is there a God beside me? Yea, there is no God; I know not any.

--- The Lord God Almighty
(Isaiah 40:24; 44:6, 8

In the Biblical account of Exodus 19 is recorded the marriage vows of the Children of Israel, in accepting and agreeing to the terms of the covenant that God gave to Moses on Mt. Sinai. This covenant between the Almighty God and His people Israel contains commandments that are absolute and immutable in nature. The first of these commandments is the basic foundational structure for all subsequent laws, statutes and judgments whereby the nation and people of Israel are to be governed, both in their personal and their national life. In Exodus 20 Moses begins his record of the giving of this law by saying, "And God spake all these words saying . . . thou shalt have no other gods before me". This divine utterance from the Sovereign God of heaven given during such a majestic display of His presence at Mt. Sinai was then, and still is, the only rock-solid underlying foundation for any lasting social structure and stable human government.

All of our personal and national problems can be ultimately traced back to our violation of this ever-important first commandment of the Decalogue. By our disobedience of this law, which has to do directly with God Himself, we openly confess unto ourselves and to the world the insignificance we place upon the Sovereign God and His supremacy over all other "gods". By this we diminish the superiority of the one and only True God to a lesser position of rank so that He is rendered equal to, or at least compatible in His relation to the false gods of the heathen. This despicable attitude is not only found among the secular humanists but is now becoming prevalent among the once fundamental element of evangelical Christianity. In its attempt to be found "acceptable" among all elements of secular society, corrupted Christianity has taken on the position of excuse-making for God and His laws. In essence, belief in the strict absolute teaching of Biblical monotheism is no longer a viable part of modern church doctrine.

"Truth exists, only lies are invented"

--- George Braque

In our examination of established Christendom it appears there has been an attitude of compromise on the part of its leadership that has resulted in the widespread acceptance of heresy and heathenism. In an attempt to understand the heresies that prevail in the church it is imperative that we first understand the philosophical basis that has allowed heresies to merge with Christian doctrine.

The one philosophical attitude that has served as the means by which the doctrine and practice of Biblical Christianity and heathenism have merged in order to become one system of religious belief is known as syncretism.

SYNCRETISM is "the combining or attempt to combine or reconcile differing beliefs in religion or philosophy." The purpose is to make different belief systems compatible with each other. This has been adopted as the basis for compromise by many church and denominational leaders to incorporate non-Biblical beliefs and practices into the Christian religion. This was the approach that was used in the formation of the Roman Catholic Church in combining both Biblical and heathenistic beliefs and practices in formulating one religious system. Currently, many elements of the Protestant religious system are now incorporating into their ranks Roman Catholic beliefs for the sake of ecumenical oneness. This can only be done by employing the element of syncretism and the sacrificing of Biblical truth.

Syncretism is the means by which the heathen celebrations of various holidays such as Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, and Easter were incorporated into Christian worship. Another example of syncretism is the modern theology found in the term "Judeo-Christian". These two opposing religious belief systems are impossible to reconcile because Christianity is based upon the acceptance of Jesus Christ as the Messiah while Judaism is based upon the utter rejection and denial of Jesus Christ as the Messiah (note: Judaism — the religion of the Pharisees which Jesus condemned — is not synonymous with Old Testament Hebrewism).

The principle of syncretism has commonly been known as ‘compromise’ by Bible-believing Christians. The attitudes which serve as an impetus for compromising the Christian faith and the incorporation of pagan ideas can be found in the ministerial leadership paying homage to the false gods of:

human reasoning with its easy-believism;

ministerial acceptability with its prestige and comforts;

political correctness with its benefits of government security and celebrity status;

monetary gain with its affluence and feelings of self-importance.

After having been given the pure knowledge of a Holy God by means of the Mosaic covenant of law, the apostle Paul accuses the people of the ancient world of "changing the truth of God into a lie" and "not retaining God in their knowledge" (Romans 1:25, 28). The Apostle puts a high priority upon both the believer’s and the non-believer’s treatment of the knowledge of God and His revealed truth contained in the Scriptures. The human response to the knowledge of God ranges everywhere from:

  • ignorance which is lack of knowledge;
  • revelation which is the acceptance of knowledge;
  • heresy which is the perversion of knowledge; to
  • apostacy which is the rejection of knowledge.

In John chapter 10, when Jesus was teaching the lesson concerning the work of the true Shepherd, he mentioned the position of hirelings as false shepherds in tending to the sheep. In short, a hireling is one that basically renders his services for the highest wage. He’s one that is for sale: a "prophet for profit." We see this so vividly portrayed in the life and ministry of Balaam of Numbers 22-24. The spirit of Balaamism that has pervaded a large segment of so-called Christian ministry today manifests itself in a three-step process, starting with:

1. "The way of Balaam" which is the love of wages or covetousness (I Peter 2:15);

2. "The error of Balaam" which is the acceptance of wages or greed (Jude 11); and

3. "The doctrine of Balaam" which is the teaching of any heresy or misuse of the knowledge of God which becomes a stumbling block to the people of God (Revelation 2:14).

In the human reasoning of Balaam, in order to justify himself in the acceptance of the wages offered to him by Balak, he masterfully devised a plan of action through the principle of syncretism. This was the unlawful combining of different peoples, religions and cultures which resulted in God’s curse upon His people Israel. This was a classic case of multiculturalism devised, taught and advocated by a politically correct, highly paid, idealistic "prophet for profit". Balaamism is still ‘alive and well’ in our land today.

"But I have a few things against thee, because thou hast there them that hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balak to cast a stumbling block before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed unto idols, and to commit fornication."

— Revelation 2:14

This Old Testament experience of Balaam’s collaboration with Balak and the unlawful union of Israel with the people and religion of Moab is powerful proof that the cultural problems in a society are the direct results of doctrinal heresy in the church. This plan on the part of Balaam is one that has been highly polished and refined and is now set forth as the ideal humanistic philosophy of "strength in diversity", a doctrine that is advocated by statist-minded ministers and theologians which will eventually bring the wrath of God upon His people for their disobedience. By Israel’s blatant disobedience to the Law-Word of God and their acceptance of the doctrine of Balaam, they diminished the authority of their God by accepting the place of false gods into their cultural lifestyle.

Rivers of waters run down mine eyes,
because they keep not Thy law. -- Psalm 119:136

It should be obvious to the most casual observer that God’s Israel people today are repeating the sins of our ancient Old Testament ancestors. There are more severe permanent harmful effects done to our cultural structure through perverted Christian doctrine being preached by ‘men of God’ in our pulpits than all the atheists, agnostics and infidels combined in the halls of academia. Modern liberal perverted Christianity is the biggest culprit promoting the destruction of a once-Christian culture. A civilization’s religion and culture are integrally connected together, and they must stand or fall together.

Today, pure Apostolic Christianity has been mixed with ancient humanism and ancient humanism has been "Christianized" to form a syncretized religion of "Christian Humanism" or "Humanistic Christianity". Modern Christianity is no longer monotheistic in worship and doctrine, because it now bows at the altar of its new god of humanism, the worship of man.

It is time for thee, LORD, to work:
For they have made void thy law. -- Psalm 119:126

Let the battle cry of the Scottish Covenanters, which they inscribed upon their banners, be the high and holy confession of our faith:

"For the Word of God and the Testimony
of Jesus Christ" — Revelation 1:9

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